Saturday, 16 July 2011

Forever isn’t very long for people like us: Never just a feeling.

The sky was darkening omniously. It was so utterly moronic to be out this late. But what choice did she have. She needed that amulet, and it would be too dark soon. Good for necromancers, few else, and certainly not someone in fear of attack. Because whether she liked it or not, that was what she was now. A target.  Not that they would try anything. Not in this part of the city. 
She rarely travelled horseback, but in this case she has no choice. Even if she was seen, no one would truly think it was her. She turned the penultimate corner, and narrowed her heavenly blue eyes at the sight of an abandoned military cordon. She allowed her-self a small smile at the English idiocy and their belief that they could take her country, the cradle of magic with a few mortal soldiers. Granted, they were unaware of the magic. For the most part.
She dismounted effortlessly and elegantly, knowing that the horse wouldn’t run. She manoeuvred gracefully through the shoddy barricade, then froze. Something had moved. No, it was less than that. It was just a feeling, but she’d learnt to trust her feelings long ago. The night grew colder and she shivered. Time to leave. As she mounted her horse, she noticed a figure on one of the buildings. A figure that might be familiar. She allowed herself another glance, but the figure was gone. She sighed. She had to take the long route now, or she’d never sleep.

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  1. Your writing is exquisite! I love it! It makes me want to read MORE!!!!