Saturday, 16 July 2011

Forever isn’t very long for people like us: Mud stained Repentance

A shadow fell over her eyes, and she looked up from the ground, still clutching her painful waist. She’d be glad when corsets fell out of fashion. Not that she’d ever admit it. The figure extended his hand, the first strips of morning sun lighting up his back. She looked up, and paled at the face. Repentance would never be easy for a woman like her.
“You... ” the woman shivered on the muddy ground, staining her perfect dress. Mud and magic had streaked her skin, her lips red, but with blood, not vanity. She shuddered, trying to stand and keep what was left of her decimated honour. The man with the hopeless eyes sighed, and his eyes twitched. It was a tiny gesture, unnoticeable to most, but to his sister, it meant so much. She hid a gasp of air again, her ribs and chest oh so very painful. But she extended her hand. It wasn’t the only chance. But she’d take it anyway. Her brother, her no longer estranged brother, her big brother, clasped the hand. A look exchanged between their eyes. They let go, and he leant down, picking her up again, like he hadn’t since they were young, too many lifetimes ago.


  1. Awesome story, Venice! Can't wait for the next part!

  2. shit...that is really, really beautiful.

  3. BRILLIANT Ven! Wonderful and amazing writing! Youinspire me to do beter withyour brilliance!
    Well done!